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Oct 10, 2012 7:00am EDT
. jennifer bennett said she expected defense lawyers to scrutinize her past but believes they went too far, requesting her search engine records to try to prove she had not been raped. now she's speaking out and telling her story to keep other victims from suffering the same. if you've been beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled, should it matter to the court what you've been googling? that's what the defense was demanding from victim jennifer bennett. they subpoenaed her journal, computer, even her search engine records. >> i drew my line in the sand and this is where i'm going to stick up for myself. i was not the criminal. so investigating me and my life, it just didn't seem right. it didn't seem just. >> reporter: her ordeal began in beautiful bend, oregon on a first date with a charming doctor she had met on thomas bray, a former anesthesiologist and teacher at a local community college. the date was going well so they went for a night cap at his home where bennett said he attacked her. the assault lasted five hours. >> she had been strangled. she had been beaten about th
Oct 13, 2012 5:00am PDT
. not a nuclear weapon, but a cyber attack. the secretary of defense says it could create havoc across the country. more now from nbc's pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. >> reporter: it's predicted that cyberspace will become the world's next major battlefield. but in a national call to arms, defense secretary leon panetta warned the threat of a significant cyber attack against america is already here. >> the collective results of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber pearl harbor. >> reporter: panetta warned that cyber attackers have tried to shut down america's critical infrastructure, power, water, transportation, and major financial institutions. >> such a destructive cyber terrorist attack could virtually paralyze the nation. >> reporter: while russia and china are prime suspects, for the first time, u.s. officials blame iran for the recent jump in cyber attacks. defense officials tell nbc news iran was behind a recent series of attempts to disable the websites of several major u.s. banks. those attacks failed. but another iranian cyber attack nearly shut down saudi arabia's state oi
Oct 12, 2012 7:00am EDT
ground. >> but without a clear winner, did the debate matter? >>> dire threat. defense secretary leon panetta issues a chilling warning about computer hackers. a scenario he describes as a possible cyber pearl harbor that could be as destructive as the 9/11 attacks. we're live at the pentagon. >>> and hello, brooklyn. the legendary barbra streisand takes the stage in her hometown for the very first time. ♪ beneath the moon, the stars and under the sun ♪ >> a homecoming concert decades in the making today, friday, october 12th, 2012. >>> from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," decision 2012, with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lawer. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. what a night. where were you doing the debate? >> right there in the second row of the yankee game in the bronx. i went to see the yankee game, but i tivoed this and watched it this morning. it was different. >> well, in your event there was a clear cut winner and loser. in this
Oct 12, 2012 9:00am EDT
to delay next month's hearing on whether holmes should stand trial until january. the defense wants more time to go through nearly 20,000 pages of evidence. holmes is charged with killing 12 people and wounding 58 others. >>> a winnier for this year's nobel peace prize this morning. in a unanimous designificant the committee awarded this year's prize to the european union for its landmark role in history uniting the continent. the award downplays the current eurozone crisis straining its 17 nations. >>> the cash-strapped u.s. postal service is raising the price of a first-class stamp by one penny to 46 cents. that and other rate hikes take effect jane 27th. the postal service will introduce a new global forever stamp that lets you mill a letter anywhere in the world for $1.10. >>> starting out a stressful day. forget the yoga. eat the yogurt. according to researchers in ireland, rice who each a diet rich in pro-bitic bacteria found in yogurt found fewer signs of depression and anxiety and had less of a stress hormone. one drawback. doctors aren't sure which probiotics will work on humans
Oct 12, 2012 7:00am PDT
of the morning's top stories with natalie over at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone, defense secretary leon panetta is delivering a stark warning that the u.s. could soon face a cyber pearl harbor if the nation doesn't strengthen digital security. nbc's chief pentagon correspondent jim mick cheklasz has the very latest. >> reporter: secretary panta warned cyber attacks on america could be just as destructive as those attacks on 9/11 here in new york and at the pentagon. he warned attacks on america's critical electric and water systems could actually be devastating, and for the first time pentagon officials are revealing that it was iran behind a series of attacks recently on america's major banking systems. now, secretary panetta called for a nationwide effort for government and business to build an entire skilled army of cyber warriors to confront this threat, but he had a very ominous warning. he reminded everybody that early warning signs of the 9/11 attacks here in america went largely ignored. he said that cannot happen again, that we are now in a pre- 9/11 moment, and the terror
Oct 9, 2012 7:00am EDT
state defensive coach blamed a well-orchestrated conspiracy for his conviction and lashed out at his accusers for what he called the worst loss of his life. >> the accusers were products of many more people and experiences than me. look at their confidantes and their honesty. think how easy it was to turn on me given the information, attention and potential perks. >> reporter: sandusky met his victims through the second mile, a charity for troubled youth. eight victims testified during sandusky's trial, describing repeated acts of sexual abuse in the school's shower, even in his basement. >> i never labeled or put down them or their families. i tried and i cared, then asked for the same. please realize all came to the second mile because of issues. some of those may remain. >> reporter: in what promises to be an emotional hearing today, at least three of sandusky's victims are expected to read their own statement. >> well, he's viewing this as his last opportunity to directly confront mr. sandusky. now i think he wants to let mr. sandusky know that he's angry, and he doesn't forgive
Oct 8, 2012 7:00am EDT
quite a defense of it in your book. can you explain what happened? >> i was trying to prove that credit card companies were taking money for child porn. i didn't enter a website, didn't look at images, and a couple of us that were campaigning and we gave it up in the end because it seemed so futile. it seems strange that it's been proved that credit card companies could refuse to take money from any website that they choose, but there's too much money out there. >> and because of that, you had to actually register as a sex offender. >> i had to register as a sex offender because i wouldn't go to court. 11 computers were taken from my hou house, you know. an investigator found that i hadn't -- a forensic investigator found out that i hadn't entered the website, and -- but nonetheless, by the time the court -- the case came to -- the charges came to be presented to me, it was five month i had to wait. i was exhausted, and i felt if i went to court i would be offering myself up for sacrifice, so i was kind of waiting for this moment, to do the book, put it down, and once that actually happ
Oct 6, 2012 5:00am PDT
hadn't done in far too long. and maybe there's a reason it's been a while. >> in my defense, i'm no slouch at the gym, so energized by our beautiful surroundings -- >> how you doing? >> i'm great. jamaica, sunshine. >> i agreed to give it another go. >> you know what i want to do to start? 50 uppercuts. we'll go down into 50 pikes. your stomach better be tight. tight. come on, tight. no rest. push your body. one down for 20. come on. >> did she call this the warm-up? >> water. >> some of us need a break apparently. >> it's 90 degrees out. >> and it was only going to get warmer. >> get into some touch-ups. land on your toes. butt kickers. just kick them out. this is your rest. >> this is my rest? >> what happened here? >> i saw a bug. >> come on. anyone can do anything for 18 reps. good. yes. comments? oh, my gosh. i have literally quieted him. we're doing 100 push-ups. pain is on your side. pain is your friend here. >> who said that? >> i think rambo said it best. >> okay. >> nice job. 100 push-ups. next up for us, a little bit of shoulder work. relax the neck. medium circles.
Oct 11, 2012 7:00am EDT
on selling the product. now, explain what was really happening behind the scenes, in his defense. >> he's one of my really good friends. i think people are envisioning him stepping over my limp body selling products. you know, but in fact, i was being taken care of by two medics, three producers, i told him to please keep going, keep going. i'm fine. you know, he's been in touch with me. i think he handled it really professionally, and he's a very good friend and a good man. >> so he's taking a little unfair heat as a result of this. >> yeah. unfair. >> which raises the question, what would you have done had he passed out? >> a question matt asks himself daily around here. >> i don't know, you know, i think it's a really tough situation. i think he was trying not to draw even more attention to it. he didn't want to embarrass me further. so i think he just did the best he could and i've been in touch with him, and he's a good, real professional. >> is it true until this morning you hadn't rewatched that video? >> no, my mother and sister saw it, they were crying when they saw it. they said don
Oct 9, 2012 7:00am PDT
also read for the court. sandusky spoke, delivering a rambling 18-minute statement for his defense clinging to his innocence. the judge clarified sandusky's crimes not only violated the bodies of his victims but their souls for the rest of their lives. >>> the death toll in a meningitis outbreak is rising. announced the death of a patient from the rare but lethal form of meningitis linked to steroid injections given for back pain. if confirmed it will bring the total to nine. health officials say as many as 13,000 people may have been injected with those contaminated drugs. >>> new hope for 5 million americans suffering from alzheimer's as an experimental judge shows promise in slowing the diseases progression. while the eli lilly drug is not a cure, researchers say it is the first time any treatment has actually slowed dementia in patients. >>> mexican navy said it captured a drug gang commander accused of numerous high-profile crimes including the possible murder of american tourist david heartily. >>> it was two years ago when tefly saw her husband david. they had gone jet skiin
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)